Do You Think Corporations Should Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes? If You Do - Ask Your Legislator to Support Corporate Fair Share!

We Need to Invest in Transportation Across Massachusetts, and It’s Time for Large, Profitable Corporations to Pay Their Fair Share!

After years of underinvestment, Massachusetts’ transportation systems are at a crisis point. Because of the failures of our transportation systems, many working families in Massachusetts are struggling with lengthy commutes, high transportation costs, and a lack of opportunity. In order to build the modern, reliable transportation systems we need all across the Commonwealth, we need significant new revenue for investment in transportation.

At the same time, far too many large, profitable corporations that do business in Massachusetts pay only minimal taxes here by exploiting loopholes, tax breaks, and offshore tax havens.

These same corporations move their goods on our publicly-funded roads and bridges and bring their employees to work on our public transportation systems. They have a shared responsibility to help fund continued investments in transportation.

Goals: Contact your legislator by call or email and voice your opposition to regressive revenue and voice your support for corporations paying their fair share. Ask, will they oppose a revenue package asking only working people to pay? Do they support closing corporate tax loopholes - such as taxing profits from offshore tax havens, establishing a tiered corporate minimum, and requiring corporate disclosure?

A Note: We truly hope to learn from these conversations which means we must track their outcomes! If you get an email back from a legislator, please forward them to

If you are unable to call your legislator through CallOut, you can find your legislator's phone number at If you call a legislator and aren't able to fill out the results box on the screen, then email or text 857-242-0412 with the outcomes of your call including:

-- Which legislator did you call?

-- Did you talk to your legislator or an aide?

-- Did your legislator commit to supporting progressive revenue?

-- How would your legislator suggest we raise revenue?